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How We Helped Our Fussy Eater Learn to Love Food

Feeding my eldest used to be such hard work. He didn’t take to breastfeeding that well. I was very weak for a long time after a major postpartum haemorrhage and this seemed to affect my milk supply. As a newborn, Jack lost loads of weight and struggled to put it back on.

We tried supplementing with bottles and while it helped him gain weight, he started to struggle with those, too. He’d cry during feeds, cry after them, gag on milk, tug and pull at the teat. He did exactly the same when breastfeeding too. His stomach would gurgle with wind and now amount of Colief or Infacol would make a blind bit of difference. I tried cutting out dairy, but the improvement was barely noticeable.

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Family Holidays Have a Lasting Effect on Children

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I took Jack for lunch earlier this week and I was stunned when he started recounting a holiday we went on well over a year ago.

He would have just turned two-years-old at the time, but he was very insistent that he remembered ‘splashing’ in the sea, playing with the Barbies in the caravan and going to the ‘noisy bit’ (slot machines).

It reminded me that the happy memories of holidays last a lifetime. This is why holidays have been called “happiness anchors” and crucial for our children’s emotional development.

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How to Survive Taking a Toddler to a Wedding

Taking a toddler to a wedding can feel pretty ambitious. We have taken our eldest to a few and while each experience was different to the last, there was a lot of pre-event planning that went into making sure that we all got through the day and had a good time.

It is stressful taking your kid to any event where their best behaviour is expected. No matter how reassuring friends can be about the possibility of your toddler having a tantrum mid-ceremony or during the speeches, you pray that your child doesn’t unintentionally become the focus of their big day.

We have taken Jack to four weddings in total, each with different challenges.

My husband was best man on a couple of occasions and was often called away for photos, greeting guests and generally lending support to the groom. At one of those weddings I was 30 weeks pregnant so this presented a few challenges due to being huge, but we got through it and still had a good time.

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