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How We Helped Our Fussy Eater Learn to Love Food

Feeding my eldest used to be such hard work. He didn’t take to breastfeeding that well. I was very weak for a long time after a major postpartum haemorrhage and this seemed to affect my milk supply. As a newborn, Jack lost loads of weight and struggled to put it back on.

We tried supplementing with bottles and while it helped him gain weight, he started to struggle with those, too. He’d cry during feeds, cry after them, gag on milk, tug and pull at the teat. He did exactly the same when breastfeeding too. His stomach would gurgle with wind and now amount of Colief or Infacol would make a blind bit of difference. I tried cutting out dairy, but the improvement was barely noticeable.

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What Foods Should Breastfeeding Mums Eat?

I am not a nutrition expert, this is what helped me while I was breastfeeding. Always consult your doctor for professional advice if you are concerned about your baby’s sensitivities. 

Pregnancy, giving birth, sleepless nights and breastfeeding can demand every bit of energy that you can muster. It’s hard work and can be emotionally and physically draining for sleep-deprived new mums, and that’s without having to think about what foods you are allowed to snack on.

When I breastfed Jack, I had no idea how important nutrition was for my body during that time. I had suffered a major postpartum haemorrhage which depleted my iron levels. No midwife told me until later on that this would impact how quickly my milk came in.

I quickly became convinced that Jack wasn’t getting any nutrition from me, and the daily weigh-ins only confirmed this. Luckily we managed to get his weight up again with the help of a bottle, but it highlighted to me how little emphasis there is on new mums eating well and getting their strength back after giving birth.

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7 Ways to Support a New Mum

When my sister had her baby, I thought I’d know exactly how to support her. We were both away from our parents and we had each other as a support network. I think it’s safe to say, despite my best intentions, I was a little useless.

I made them a batch of meals which helped but I didn’t really get what she was going through or the barrage of emotions she was feeling. I thought that she was so lucky to have such a beautiful baby. I didn’t truly comprehend the tidal wave that hits you once you become a mum.

Since I’ve had my own children, I know now exactly how that feels and the support that is required to keep you going.

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