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The Places I Love – Suffolk

I think we all have a place that is special to us. For me, one of those places is the Suffolk coast.

Growing up, I spent many holidays staying with my granddad who lives a few miles away from Thorpness and Aldeburgh.

During my formative years, these idyllic pockets of the sleepy east coast have remained relatively tranquil even during the tourist seasons.

I love returning year after year. We stay with my granddad and his wife in their beautiful bungalow, which has over an acre of ground brimming with fruit trees and wildlife. It’s a slower pace of life, you can press pause and unwind. It’s not hard. Especially as my granddad always insists on ice cream and at least one visit to a tea room during our holiday.

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Family Holidays Have a Lasting Effect on Children

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I took Jack for lunch earlier this week and I was stunned when he started recounting a holiday we went on well over a year ago.

He would have just turned two-years-old at the time, but he was very insistent that he remembered ‘splashing’ in the sea, playing with the Barbies in the caravan and going to the ‘noisy bit’ (slot machines).

It reminded me that the happy memories of holidays last a lifetime. This is why holidays have been called “happiness anchors” and crucial for our children’s emotional development.

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How to Survive Taking a Toddler to a Wedding

Taking a toddler to a wedding can feel pretty ambitious. We have taken our eldest to a few and while each experience was different to the last, there was a lot of pre-event planning that went into making sure that we all got through the day and had a good time.

It is stressful taking your kid to any event where their best behaviour is expected. No matter how reassuring friends can be about the possibility of your toddler having a tantrum mid-ceremony or during the speeches, you pray that your child doesn’t unintentionally become the focus of their big day.

We have taken Jack to four weddings in total, each with different challenges.

My husband was best man on a couple of occasions and was often called away for photos, greeting guests and generally lending support to the groom. At one of those weddings I was 30 weeks pregnant so this presented a few challenges due to being huge, but we got through it and still had a good time.

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A Family Holiday in Devon

Last June we took our first holiday as a family four on the beautiful North Devon coast.

We have visited the area on a number of occasions and on our previous stay, we celebrated my eldest’s birthday in a rather rainy and blustery Lynton.

This time we plumped for something a bit more family-orientated and chose to stay at Twitchen House which is one of the four Woolacombe Bay parks just outside of Mortehoe.

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