Parenting While Working: How to Explain Your Job to Your Kids

How many children do you know understand their parent’s work schedule?

The answer is not many. The bet is that when you were a child, you had no idea what your parents did every single day, too.

You may remember your parents going to work, and you may remember your parents having to miss some of your school events because of their jobs. That doesn’t mean that they know what your job is.

In the world today, we have a lot of pressure on us to achieve.

Our retirement age is later than ever, and the wage freezes have meant that parents are forced to work longer hours and more jobs just to make ends meet. We work harder, longer and earlier than ever, and the people who don’t get that? The kids.

Children are resilient, but they must understand what you do. All children want from us is our time, and we need to do everything possible to give them that. Here are some of the ways you can explain your job to your kids and make it easier for them to get.

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Explain That Work Is Important

Children need to see you achieve, but it will help to explain to them why work is so important. It’s not just about money, but it’s about the sense of pride and achievement of knowing that you’ve worked extremely hard for the things that you have bought for your family. Work is essential because you enjoy it, and explaining that to your child is vital. They need to understand the importance of work so that they can feel okay that you are doing it for them as much as you are for you.

Talk About What Passion Is

You may be working and proud of that, but you need to show your kids how proud you are of your achievements. Not only that, but you need to show your kids that you are passionate about them, too. This means using all the tools at your disposal to make your working day easier and more efficient so that you can spend your time with them. Tools like allow you to automate your business documentation, which saves you a ton of time. You can then use this time with your children, and they’ll love that you are trying. Passion keeps your family together and allows you to work while you do it.

Never Place Blame

We’ve all done it. We tell the children that we work so they can eat/go to movies/take a vacation. It’s not their fault, and the wording here makes them feel like you are working because of them – which makes them feel guilty for asking for your time. Please explain what you do for a living and tell them that you work because you feel happy when you work. Your children want you to be satisfied, and you can get them involved in what you do so they can see why you’re doing it. You never know – you may inspire them one day!

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