3 of The Best Places for a Last-Minute Family Holiday

Family holidays are special times. They help us form some of our earliest memories and bring us closer together as a family. We are able to break away from the commitments of daily life, and create moments that we never forget as long as we live.

Sandcastles on the beach, swimming in the sea, late nights and long, warm evenings – family holidays have a lasting magic, but how do you know where the right destination is? And how do you make a decision, especially if you are booking something last minute? Here are three fantastic places for a family break.

1. The Yorkshire coast

Photo by Agnieszka Mordaunt on Unsplash

A trip to Yorkshire is a magnificent holiday for any family. With beautiful coastal resorts such as Filey, Flamborough and Whitby to visit, stunning wildlife to see and fantastic attractions for children, there is no end of fantastic things to occupy every member of the family.

Road trips would be a great way of seeing what the region has to offer – and keeping the kids occupied with travel games such as ‘Hangman’ is essential for a peaceful journey. But there will always be so much to see as you drive from place to place that they may simply prefer to gaze out of the window.

Visit the lighthouse in Flamborough, explore the incredible gothic cathedral in Whitby, take a boat trip into the bay, and eat incredible fish and chips in Filey as you walk along the beautiful wide beach there. Yorkshire is hard to beat for any family holiday.

2. Burgau, The Algarve

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

This fishing village in the Western Algarve is as beautiful as it is charming. The seafood restaurants are spectacularly good, the beach is clean, flat and easy to access – perfect for children to play on. And then there are the views from the clifftops, which are truly breathtaking.

Nearby Lagos is a beautiful, historic town with charming street cafes and some stunning beaches of its own. From Burgau you can also drive west to Sagres, which was once considered the end of the world, and is one of Europe’s most southerly and westerly points.

The Algarve is child-friendly and the weather is good for most of the year, so it’s hard to imagine a more fantastic place for a family holiday.

3. The West of Scotland

Photo by Robert Keane on Unsplash

Scotland was recently voted the most beautiful country on earth and, when you see it with your own eyes, you quickly understand why. Begin your holiday by arriving in Glasgow and enjoy the West End with all its wonderful cultural sights, sounds and tastes.

Drive north to Loch Lomond and camp on the banks of this incredible inland expanse. Then drive north towards the coastal village of Oban.

Take the ferry across to the Isle of Mull and spend a week here with the family, marvelling at the natural beauty of the place and the warm welcome you will get from the locals.

If you have time, go north through Glencoe to the villages of Morar and Mallaig. You will leave a piece of your heart here and never forget your holiday. Enjoy!

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