Beat the ‘Oh For Heaven’s Sake!’ Syndrome

Have you ever said ‘oh, for heaven’s sake!’ when dealing with something annoying and surprising? Odds are, you replaced ‘heaven’s’ with a variety of other words. Perhaps you used more creative language. Hey, that’s fine, all of us do it. We’ll probably even do it today. It might be traffic that causes it. It might be some bad news. But sometimes, it can just be things that feel preventable but for some reason plague us all. But because of the relatively small amount of time that they bother us, or because we’re used to them, we might not take the solution seriously.

Well, let this article be the final resting place for that phrase. Let us tackle those very annoying little issues for good. But first, we need to define what they are, and how they might pile up. It could only take a moment. But who knows, all that added time avoiding those minor inconveniences could add up to added peaceful hours you might not have experienced during the course of your lifetime.

So, through that lens, reading our following guidance could be the best thing you for yourself today:

Buy Slippers

Buy a pair of slippers, or comfortable indoor shoes such as moccasins. Don’t just wear your socks around the place. Why? Well, we have a very important reason for advising you on this front. You will help reduce your stubbed-toe experiences by a good 90%, depending on how fast and forcefully you walk. Never again will you treat on a LEGO piece and curse the heavens for even being born. Never again will you freeze in fear the next time you drop a box of thumbtacks. And of course, the next time you decide to bring in an authentic Christmas tree into the living room, you will never deeply curse your decision due to the amount of pine needles that seem to put a sharp pin in your foot time and time again. Buy slippers. You’ll thank yourself deeply for doing so.

Arrange Your Essential Items

How many times have you needed to leave the house by a particular time, only to realise that you cannot find your keys anywhere? How about your phone? How about your medication? It can be essential to purchase a little separated container, perhaps designed in a certain manner from a site such as Etsy, to hold your valuables. Have a place for them the moment you walk in. This way you can always rely on your items being held in the exact same place. That can be essential to ensure you never have to upturn sofa cushions or look down the back of furniture again. Who knows how much untold pain you could save yourself over the course of a lifetime? It could also be that using medicinal delivery services can help you arrange convenience and ensure you never miss what you need to deal with hay fever symptoms and other requirements.

Avoid The News

No matter if you’re on the left, a centrist, or on the right, you will likely look at the main news headlines of today and groan. And groan heavily, for that matter. The news cycle is built around generating clicks in the modern day, and true investigative journalism is hard to find. It’s there, but it takes time. We would recommend simply setting breaking news alerts to your phone, and avoiding everything else. Perhaps reading news from your local area can be a good substitute if you like being informed. But avoid a need to read every article, to comment on every political subreddit, to always get so involved unless actually being engaged. It can harm your mental health. This way you can stay informed, but also avoid the need to stay perpetually outraged that you might have had. 

Work On Your Patience

Unfortunately, there’s an entire world out there. An entire world filled with things that can make you have that exacerbated reaction we previously discussed. Unfortunately, you can never be rid of it all. But you can work on your patience. If you do that, then you can give yourself more room to handle this issue when it comes. After all, we don’t get better by hoping our load is lighter, but by trying to gain broader shoulders to deal with it.

We would recommend meditation, and trying to divorce an immediate need to react from frustrating news. If you practice, you can better yourself in this regard. And it will make all the difference.

With these tips, we hope you can avoid those feelings of frustration just that little bit more reliably.

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