best camping sites around sydney

The Best Camping Sites Around Sydney

Australia is a stunning place, and Sydney has to be the most popular city in the whole country. It has been 10 years since we had our little adventure in Australia and now we have children we are looking forward to returning for adventurous holidays.

If you are looking to have a fun getaway down under this spring or summer, the area around Sydney can be a great place to go, and today we are looking at some of the best camping hotspots in the area.

Seal Rocks

The first camping hotspot we are going to mention today is Seal Rocks. As the name would suggest, this is a coastal spot which is a few hours away from Sydney and offers a stunning view over the sea. You can get a campervan for hire and enjoy a weekend swimming in the sea, surfing on the beach and fishing with your family. There is also a stunning lighthouse on the beach which can be a good place to go for a walk during the day. The campsite is fully equipped with toilets, fresh water, sinks and even a barbecue if you fancy grilling up your fresh catch of the day.

Durras Beach

The next campsite we are going to talk about is Durras Beach, which is ideal for anyone who has never been for an Aussie holiday before. If you could picture Australia in your mind, this would be the first place to come up, and it’s idyllic beaches, surfing spots and blue skies make up everything which is amazing about this country. You will able to camp amongst kangaroos, birds and possums making this the most Australian holiday you’ve ever experienced! There are lots of different activities for you do in this campsite, including snorkelling, canoeing and mountain biking too.

Coledale Beach

If you don’t want to travel too far away from Sydney, this campsite is only an hour away and it is the ideal place to come for a simple coastal weekend break. The campsite is almost touching the sand at the coast and it has a full roaster of amenities available such as a kitchen, bathroom and power outlets. It is the ideal place to come for a relaxing break with your family at the weekend.

Cockatoo Island

For those of you who aren’t into the raw camping trips where you have only the floor as a pillow, this is something which can be a happy compromise. Cockatoo Island is a glamping spot which is located in a romantic setting and is surrounded by stunning scenery. While staying here you will have access to linens, towels, beds, toilets and all of the home comforts which you normally go without on a camping trip. You can even head over to a cocktail bar during your stay, so it is ideal for someone who wants to go camping without going camping.


If you have heard of Pearl Beach and you have thought about going here for a trip, Patonga is a great alternative which is a little less noisy and can be a more peaceful getaway. You’ll be nestled between a calming beach and a babbling creek and because of this you can choose what you fancy every day for a different adventure. There are bush walks which take you through Brisbane Water National Park for those sunny days, and you can head to the beach for a sunbathe if you want to simply enjoy the rays. The beauty of this site is that it has a full shower facility too!

Berowra Creek

For a family trip which is ideal for young children, this camping site is set amongst a forest of gumtrees and it is a lovely place to bring small children so that they can play in the creek, skip rocks and go for a bike ride around the area.

Lake Macquarie

If you are looking for a campsite which gives you more than just a place to rest your tent, this is the ideal place for you to visit this spring or summer. The campsite, as well as spaces for tents and campervans, also has cabins if you want to splurge a little bit more on your accommodation. The campsite has all of the amenities you could possibly want including toilets, hot showers and even a room where you can do laundry. This means that if you do go out and get muddy on a hike, you can clean up afterwards with no problems! It is also a great place to come for a swim, bike rides and hikes so there will always be plenty of fun activities for you to enjoy during your stay.

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