Travel guide for a Family Vacation in Southern Italy

Some of my family’s best memories have been on holiday, especially ones where all the family can join.

It gives such a different opportunity to get to hang out with one another and just bond. I love picking a destination from our bucket list and knowing that it will be another trip that our family will remember forever. Especially as the kids get older! One destination that has topped all expectations is Southern Italy.


No matter how many times you have been to Sicily, there will always be more to do and see. It is so rich in culture and history, with extraordinary beaches and hilltop views.

In Sicily there is much to explore including the old Roman city of Taormina, dine at a local agriturismo or take a cable car up and picnic at Mount Etna. Get out into the water in anyway you can with beautiful coastlines to wander and lakes a plenty.

Kids will love the puppet shows, adventure parks, and incredible food fairs. There is never time to be bored! Even if you just get a gelato at one of the many gelaterias and walk along the main road of any town, it will be an experience.

Something that I have found makes a big difference for my family in our travels is where we stay. I prefer some privacy, a kitchen where we can cook with local ingredients, and having the space to keep some routines from home the same for our kids (and our sanity).

That being said, renting one of the many villas in Sicily is my favourite option and the website Wishsicily is very useful for finding the perfect one. I have found it to also be very cost-effective with a larger group, too!

family vacation in Sicily


Calabria is known for some of the best beaches in Italy and a beauty in the wild and mountainous nature of the region.

Especially if your kids are older, you can jump around from beach to beach and enjoy the incredible seafood and other local foods.

One of the most beautiful Italian beaches is located in Calabria and lined with grey white granite, called Capo Vaticano, where you can rent paddleboats or a boat hire.

Prices of meals are out are generally less expensive than those in other regions of Italy, but the quality is just as amazing and long and leisurely meals are something I could definitely get accustomed to.

It is highly recommended to rent a car during your stay in Calabria if you plan on exploring the region or to other parts of Italy, as the public transportation is not the most reliable.

family vacation in southern italy


I have to say, Puglia is becoming more of a favoured getaway for people from all over the world, and I completely get why.

It is the heel of Italy’s boot with sprawling green spaces, beautiful coastline and cute coastal towns, and sandy beaches.

July and August are especially busy months in Puglia, as Italian families holiday down here and enjoy late dinners, night swims and plenty of festivals.

Temperatures even remain comfortable enough to swim through September and October. The Trulli, pointed houses peculiar to the Valle d’Itria region, are a must-see, especially if any of your kids are fairy-tale lovers, as the little town of Alberobello simply feels magical.

The building purpose of the houses in this way was essentially for tax purposes, but it gives a special feel to the town. You and your kids can scuba, snorkel, go cliff jumping, visit the Fasanolandia theme park and soak in all the energy of the region.

Italy in general is a great place to go with children, as it is a very family-oriented country. Southern Italy, in particular, simply has the heart of my family.

We will always cherish our time there and would love the chance to go back.

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