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Essential Tips For Your Family Road Trip

The annual road trip is an American tradition that is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. Often cheaper than an expensive holiday abroad, with all the travel stress that comes from booking a flight, etc., many Brits are packing their families into their cars and heading off for some of the best places the UK has to offer.

If you’re planning on a road trip yourself this Summer season, the following tips will help you get the most from your holiday.

  • Consider how much space you need. While you should always try and pack as lightly as possible (you don’t need to pack the kitchen sink), you will still need enough room for all of your luggage essentials. If your car isn’t up to the job, you could trade your old motor for something new – we love the new Vauxhall Grandland X for space and comfort – or rent something for the holidays (such as the traditional RV) to carry you on your journey.
  • Ensure your car is roadworthy. If you are relying on your trusted old motor for the road trip, you need to remember that safety comes first. Follow our car and tyre checklist, and either get on with the jobs yourself or take your car to a qualified mechanic if your skills with car maintenance aren’t up to par. 
  • Learn the route. While there’s something to be said for spontaneity on a road trip, you don’t want to go too far off the beaten track and end up lost in the middle of nowhere. Of course, many of us have a satnav these days to help us get from A to B, but it’s still worth having a general idea of the route you want to take in case of a technical failure. 
  • Keep the kids entertained. Unless you want a constant barrage of “I’m bored” while you’re all sat together in the car, you do need to keep the kids happy on the journey. There are all kinds of car games you can play, but if you would rather shut off and concentrate on the driving, consider installing a backseat DVD player, as well as packing the kids hand-luggage with books and travel games to keep them occupied on the way. 
  • Keep yourself entertained. If you’re going on a long trip, you need to keep yourself entertained too, especially if your family decide to nap for long periods of the journey. So, load up your iPod with your favourite tunes, and get yourself an audio book or two to make your journey a more pleasurable experience. 
  • Stop and smell the roses. Don’t be in a hurry to get from A to B. Not only will your family need to stretch their legs and have a toilet break, but you will all benefit from having a little extra time to see the world in whatever place you have chosen to take a break in. Have a picnic, go for a walk, and take some pictures, adding new experiences to your road trip adventure.

If you are going on a road trip this Summer, I hope these simple tips will help you have a happier and smoother journey. 

Are you taking a UK road trip this year?

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