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Top 5 Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

Baking with children can be a bit of a tricky thing to master. It’s a great thing to get little ones involved with from a young age, but the mess it creates can be pretty off-putting.

I have been baking with Jack since he was around 1.5 years old – which looking back seems insanely young. I remember him being in his high chair, me giving him an egg to break into a cup and him smashing it on his head instead. Ouch!

It didn’t put him off though. Now he is nearly four years old and usually follows me into the kitchen to see if there are any eggs to break, cake mixture to mix or spoons to lick. He has become pretty good at the creaming method and amazingly, whatever we bake usually comes out pretty edible and yummy.

Most of all, we love indulging our sweet tooth as a reward for all our hard work and I like to pretend that we are having an afternoon tea of our own.

Cake is one of my favourite tea time treats. Living in Yorkshire, the home of the iconic Betty’s Tea Room, I always assumed that Yorkshire’s choice of treat would be a big slice of cake with their proper Yorkshire brew.

A survey by HC Supplies discovered that Yorkshire’s number one favourite treat is crisps, followed by:

  1. Crisps
  2. Chocolate Biscuits
  3. Scone
  4. Pork Pie
  5. Sausage Roll
  6. Donut

I do like dunking a chocolate biccy in my brew and who doesn’t love a nice big scone with a huge dollop of clotted cream and jam?


If you want to get your kids into baking then there is no better place to start than appealing to their sweet tooth. There are some brilliant, easy baking recipes for kids out there too, so here are a few to get you started.

Victoria Sponge

This is one of the first things I learnt to bake as a child (with help from my dad!). With it brings a huge slice of nostalgia. The recipe is easy to follow, your kids can learn how to mix and they can have fun decorating the cake however they like.


I tend to get in chocolate sprinkles, buttons and Smarties and I always make a little extra butter icing for the top. It doesn’t look the most elegant of bakes but I love seeing how creative Jack gets when he’s left to decorate on his own (that’s unless he sneakily eats most of the chocolate).

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Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread will help your child learn how to knead and roll dough. Jack had plenty of practice with playdough but still needed a little help when he came to rolling out gingerbread. His (and my) favourite part was decorating the men any way we liked.

baking recipes for kids gingerbread men

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

My favourite cookies are the ones that are still a bit gooey in the middle and filled with huge chocolate chunks. Most cookie recipes call for chocolate chips, but I always buy a chocolate bar and break it up instead. This cookie recipe makes a big chewy cookie like you see in bakery windows. I have tried numerous cookie recipes and this is one we have had consistent success with.


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Chocolate Fudge Cake

This is SO easy and incredibly decedent and naughty. It has more ingredients than your typical sponge but as the mixture is quite runny it makes it super easy for kids to mix. This cake mixture went from cupboard to bowl to oven in one single ad break during The Great British Bake Off.

We have made this many, many times to the point where now I think Jack knows the recipe off by heart. He particularly enjoys making a well in the flour and cocoa mix, squeezing all the sticky syrup into the bowl and pouring in the milk. Like with the Victoria Sponge, he has fun decorating the top with plenty of sprinkes.

I’ve also used this mixture for cupcakes and added some orange zest and topped them with chocolate orange segments to decorate. I took them to the office and my colleague hailed them as the best cupcakes he had ever tasted!

baking recipes for kids chocolate fudge cake

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Flapjacks are easy to make with kids and take virtually no time at all to put together. They can be customized depending on your personal taste. Want it gooey and chewy? Add more syrup. Want to go healthy? Sometimes I throw in some raisins, cranberries or a few chocolate chips. Maybe melt some chocolate and then drizzle it on top. A very versatile treat that can pack a punch in the energy stakes too.

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What is your favourite tea time treat and what do you enjoy baking?

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