My Travel Bucket List – The Hidden Tropical Coral Reef Of The Florida Keys

Years ago I went to Miami, Florida with my parents and my sister for a 2-week holiday. Previous holidays had been to the Mediterranean so it was a completely different feel to the holiday and my first taste of the world outside of Europe.

We had so much fun and I loved the Cuban influences, the laid back vibe, Art Deco architecture and the amazing South Beach. The Miami sun and the palm trees, along with the endless stream of convertibles driving around is picturesque of Florida.

Ahhh take me back!

Ever since then, I have wanted to return and explore more of the state.

The Florida Keys

It’s very relaxed and attracts many people who fall in love with the culture it offers.

But some go beyond and want more, they want to live in the atmosphere of Florida but with a little less hustle in their lives. The Florida Keys is just what they have been looking for.

Situated like the tail of the state, it hangs low off the mainland of the United States. A 137-mile squared area is populated by around 74,000 people. The weather is matched by the beauty of the sea with clear blue waters and mysterious turquoise waves surrounding the many islands.

Looking at the aerial photos, you would be forgiven for mistaking the Florida Keys from a tropical paradise. Coconut palm trees adorn the islands and thanks to the tropical weather natural life like the Royal Poinciana can survive quite happily. But on this stretch of the most southerly parts of America, what could you find yourself doing on your travels?

A Haven First

Comfortably standing at the northern part of the Florida Keys it the Courtyard Key Largo.

You cannot miss the exterior as it’s your typical Florida-style look. Yellow, pink and peachy hues with beautiful and overarching palm trees all around. Unlike most of the mainland hotels of the state, the rooms take full advantage of the coral reef decor style. Lots of navy and tropical blue shades all around the rooms and furniture.

Each room as free high-speed Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch with your professional and personal life. If you just want to wind down, you can watch premium cable and moves on the flat-panel television in your room. If you need a little help staying up, later on, you can enjoy your favourite coffee drink at the Starbucks.

It wouldn’t be worthy of a Florida hotel if there wasn’t an outdoor pool and you won’t be disappointed. 

Swimming In Awe

The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park takes in over 1 million visitors every single year. It’s a Florida State Park which comprises of 70 square nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean as it’s playground.

You can book yourself in for some scuba diving over the coral reefs where you can see them teaming with life and natural beauty. If going under the water isn’t your thing you can go on snorkelling tours that hug the coastline. If you would rather go it alone, you could always rent a powerboat to go on your own adventure.

It’s perfect for the family and children can learn how to snorkel in the shallow waters.

If you are a keen scuba diver then why not try a spot of midnight scuba diving. The coral reef comes to life during the night, and that’s when it’s got the most animal activity. Dolphins and turtles are known to swim over the corals as it helps them to navigate so you never know what you might get to see.

America has so much to offer that one could easily overstep the fact that it also has coral reefs. Florida is a superb location for anything who wants the sun to play a role in their travels while also being right at home in the water.

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