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What I’ve Learned in my First 6 Months of Blogging

I can hardly believe that it will soon be 6-months since I started up CubKit. During that time I have learnt so much about blogging, social media and being an entrepreneur.

The world of blogging is vast, complicated, fast-paced and exciting. I still have much to discover, absorb and implement and I’m having so much fun as I learn to navigate it all.

Perhaps you’re now reading this and thinking of setting up your own blog, so here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way.

Celebrate Your Successes

It is easy to get bogged down with everyone else’s success when you are starting out. I was completely hooked on income reports, social media following, analytics statistics and DA scores that I initially failed to focus on simply building upon my own blog’s success.

For the first few months I didn’t post that often as I found my feet and life kicked up a few curve balls. But since the little dip in the road, its been full throttle ahead and I am celebrating my own little milestones such as implementing new productivity systems or learning how to put together a flat lay.

Whether it’s posting once a day, sorting out your blog logo, growing your social media following or learning how to take amazing photos – your goals and targets are completely dictated by you and you alone. It is your blog and business, and own journey. Stand back and be proud of what you have achieved.

  1. Don’t Get Hung Up on Your Niche

There are many very successful bloggers out there who are saying you should find your niche straight away. I thought I had settled on a niche, with eyes on CubKit being a survival guide to parents. Yet when I started to regularly write content and see what worked and what didn’t, I realised that I was finding success within the lifestyle niche too.

I’m still finding my feet with the right tone of my blog but I do hope that my writing style provides the consistency needed to keep my blog relevant, interesting and familiar to my audience.

  1. Building A Following Takes Work and Time

I admit it, I didn’t really realise how much work blogging was. I once read that blogging is 20 percent content creation and 80 percent promotion and kinda hoped it wasn’t true.

While I absolutely love engaging with fellow bloggers, I did want to spend time writing too.

But what’s the point in writing useful and insightful content if no one is going to see it? Once you’ve written your amazing blog post, the hard work really starts. Success doesn’t come quickly when it comes to getting noticed but there are many ways that you can engage and become part of the blogging community; such as taking part in link parties and commenting on fellow blogger’s posts.

You get out what you put in. Since I’ve started developing the right processes and committing to writing more new posts, I have noticed a significant growth in engagement and following which is amazing.

Also, from what I’ve experienced, the blogging community is wonderfully supportive. They offer a huge amount of advice and support which has made me feel less alone at 10.20pm when I should be in bed, and instead I’m figuring out what the hell to do with Pinterest.

  1. Write for You

I am quite a private person so initially I wanted to write magazine style articles with little focus on me and my life and the lives of my children. But I soon realised that having your own voice is one of the most important aspects of your blog. Your dedicated audience want to hear what you have to say, your experiences, hopes, dreams, failures and successes.

My favourite sites are those where I can read a post and relate, or get useful advice. Whether you are blogging about parenting, lifestyle or how to grow a business, your site is a reflection of you and your life so write in a voice that is true to yourself.

  1. It’s Okay to Step Back

Blogging is hard work and takes up a lot of time. There are days when I’m glued to my phone and get slightly obsessive over my to-do lists and future posts. It’s easy to get completely overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.

If you want to take a break, then go for it. Everybody needs to recharge and the rest will do you and your creativity a world of good. Your blog will still be there when you return and so will your audience.

There are many things I will learn as I continue my venture into blogging and I can’t wait to see what the next six months hold. What lessons have you learned from blogging?

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  • welshmumwriting

    I have been blogging for about 5
    Months. I had a blog as part of another project a while ago but haven’t really done anything on that for years, and never took it seriously. I agree it is very tough. I think I’m managing my expectations – it would be so easy to get carried away by others success who inevitably have been doing it for a lot longer #StayClassyMama

    • EmmaMc

      I had a blog a few years ago and I started to get quite a following but after I had kids it kinda fell by the wayside a little and I haven’t done anything with it for two years. This time feels very different as there’s new ways to engage with audiences and it’s all really fast-paced!

    • EmmaMc

      Blogging is a steep learning curve, I never really realised how much work there was. It’s like any businesses, lots of time needed to get it off the ground and you need to give yourself a high-five for the small victories.

  • Angela

    I’ve started blogging in December and I’ve already learned so much! Blogging is a learning curve and people underestimate it. Loved reading what you learnt in your first 6 months <3

  • Balaka

    This is an interesting post. Blogging is indeed hard work and at times it can get frustrating. It took me 6 years to get noticed so for you 6 months is a great job.

  • oldhouseintheshires

    I’ve been blogging just over a year and it’s still fun! I know what you mean about stats and DA but actually that should come second really. Blogging is much more fun, hard work and time consuming than I ever thought too! Good luck for the next 6 months. #dreamteam

  • whitecamellias

    I really don’t think finding a niche is all that. In fact not having a niche works great for me because i get a more varied range of opportunities. Your blog is great and you should definitely be very proud of it and yourself. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  • Heather Keet

    I agree with all of this! And you’re definitely not alone in the middle of the night when you’re staring at a screen wondering what’s the best thing to do so your blog post gets looked at. #DreamTeam

  • Sarah

    My business and blog are 6 months old today. Yay. I agree I spent too much time, in the beginning, concentrating on stats when all I wanted to do was engage with my audience and by doing that I have organically raised my stats. I do just check stats for when my most popular times are so I know when to share my posts for most engagement.

    You’re two niches of parenting and lifestyle work well together, my niece is wild camping but I do add in bits on travel and Bucket List ideas so agree, find topics that compliment each other.

    Congrats on your achievements and continued success.

  • Memeandharri

    I love reading posts like this. Well done lovely. I have been blogging for a couple of years now and whilst I love writing I definitely struggle with the self promotion! #dreamteam

    • EmmaMc

      Thank you 🙂 I love the writing side, I’d be so happy sitting and writing and doing nothing else all day. Promotion is so hard isn’t it? It doesn’t come naturally to me as my instinct is to quietly keep writing away quietly in the corner!

  • Kirstie

    Great blog. I’ve been blogging 5 months and haven’t found a niche but the more I write the more I see a direction I’m interested in. I just have so much to say! You are right the promotion of the blogs was the thing I wasn’t quite ready for time wise!

    Happy blogging

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