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What I’ve Learned in my First 6 Months of Blogging

I can hardly believe that it will soon be 6-months since I started up CubKit. During that time I have learnt so much about blogging, social media and being an entrepreneur.

The world of blogging is vast, complicated, fast-paced and exciting. I still have much to discover, absorb and implement and I’m having so much fun as I learn to navigate it all.

Perhaps you’re now reading this and thinking of setting up your own blog, so here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way.

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How We Helped Our Fussy Eater Learn to Love Food

Feeding my eldest used to be such hard work. He didn’t take to breastfeeding that well. I was very weak for a long time after a major postpartum haemorrhage and this seemed to affect my milk supply. As a newborn, Jack lost loads of weight and struggled to put it back on.

We tried supplementing with bottles and while it helped him gain weight, he started to struggle with those, too. He’d cry during feeds, cry after them, gag on milk, tug and pull at the teat. He did exactly the same when breastfeeding too. His stomach would gurgle with wind and now amount of Colief or Infacol would make a blind bit of difference. I tried cutting out dairy, but the improvement was barely noticeable.

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The Reality of Being a Work From Home Parent

Oh, you work from home? How lovely! You must work in your pyjamas, get to have your hair done in the middle of the day AND have time to cook tea. SO jealous!


When I worked in an office full-time, I was one of those people who turned misty-eyed at the thought of spending the day in my PJ’s, tapping away at my laptop while sipping freshly brewed coffee.

After being made redundant while pregnant with George, the opportunity arose to do the work from home thing and make a go of my freelance copywriting career. It was a now or never moment. I was actually really excited that I could finally try and make my career work for me and the family, too.

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The Places I Love – Suffolk

I think we all have a place that is special to us. For me, one of those places is the Suffolk coast.

Growing up, I spent many holidays staying with my granddad who lives a few miles away from Thorpness and Aldeburgh.

During my formative years, these idyllic pockets of the sleepy east coast have remained relatively tranquil even during the tourist seasons.

I love returning year after year. We stay with my granddad and his wife in their beautiful bungalow, which has over an acre of ground brimming with fruit trees and wildlife. It’s a slower pace of life, you can press pause and unwind. It’s not hard. Especially as my granddad always insists on ice cream and at least one visit to a tea room during our holiday.

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35 Rainy Day Activities for Three Year Olds

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I didn’t actually realise half-term was upon us until around 3pm on the Friday before. Argh!

My niece and nephew don’t start their holidays until the week after so needless to say, I’ve been completely caught out an unprepared for the days ahead.

But we are determined to make the most of it. My eldest is usually at pre-school four days a week and come 3pm the most he can managing is slumping on the sofa and demanding snacks.

During the holidays, our usual activities centre around getting outside as much as we can but as it’s going to rain for most of the week, we need to be a bit more creative.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep the kids entertained while it’s pouring outside.

  1. Make play dough
  2. Create a forest using play dough, dry spaghetti and penne pasta – stick the spaghetti in the play dough so that it stands up then thread the penne onto the spaghetti to make trees
  3. Indoor bowling
  4. Built a fort using boxes
  5. Puzzles
  6. Paint a picture
  7. Create a cosy book corner and read
  8. Play hide and seek with objects – I love this one, we have these ELC nesting eggs and we take turns to hide each one
  9. Ice cupcakes with sprinkles and chocolate buttons
  10. Have an indoor picnic
  11. Play with stickers – Melissa and Doug Reusable Stickers are a favourite in this house, plus the kids can get really creative with making their own scenes on the huge pad
  12. Pot some indoor plants
  13. Colour-by-numbers
  14. Play copying words with magnetic letters – my eldest loves doing this. We use his favourite books and he finds words that look interesting and we spell them out together on the fridge
  15. Finger painting – this handy book from Usborne keeps little hands really busy
  16. Bubbles
  17. Thread pipe cleaners
  18. Make pancakes – get your little one to help mix the batter
  19. Wash the windows with water and vinegar – create your own mix and put in a spray bottle
  20. Butter bread – then eat it as a snack
  21. Match socks
  22. Put away clothes
  23. Play with a Slinky
  24. Listen to music and have a dance
  25. Snuggle up and watch a film
  26. Make an obstacle course in the living room
  27. Build a tower out of recycling
  28. Take pictures – Jack has his own VTech camera so enjoys going around the house taking photos of things that interest him and using all the special effects
  29. Thread beads on to pipe cleaners
  30. Play with cooked spaghetti
  31. Call or FaceTime grandma/granddad
  32. Play in the bath
  33. Write a shopping list – get your child to write their own list and read it out to you. It doesn’t matter if they can or can’t write yet, it’s a really great way of them learning how to make marks and assign meaning to it.
  34. Play a board game – We all love Dotty Dinosaurs by Orchard Toys, really simple and helps children learn about shapes and colours
  35. Play doctors/dentist with teddies

What do you and your kids like to do on cold and rainy days?

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Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

I love getting flowers at any time of year, not just for Valentine’s Day.

Some people may see a beautiful bouquet as decoration but for me it’s all about bringing a bit of nature back into the home to create a peaceful interior setting.

My husband rarely gets me roses, plumping for something a bit more personal and extra colourful.

If you’re looking for something beyond roses this year, then I got some advice from floral expert and Florismart ambassador, Jonathan Moseley about the best flower trends for Valentines Day 2018.

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What Foods Should Breastfeeding Mums Eat?

I am not a nutrition expert, this is what helped me while I was breastfeeding. Always consult your doctor for professional advice if you are concerned about your baby’s sensitivities. 

Pregnancy, giving birth, sleepless nights and breastfeeding can demand every bit of energy that you can muster. It’s hard work and can be emotionally and physically draining for sleep-deprived new mums, and that’s without having to think about what foods you are allowed to snack on.

When I breastfed Jack, I had no idea how important nutrition was for my body during that time. I had suffered a major postpartum haemorrhage which depleted my iron levels. No midwife told me until later on that this would impact how quickly my milk came in.

I quickly became convinced that Jack wasn’t getting any nutrition from me, and the daily weigh-ins only confirmed this. Luckily we managed to get his weight up again with the help of a bottle, but it highlighted to me how little emphasis there is on new mums eating well and getting their strength back after giving birth.

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